Turino, Italy


Turin, home of beautiful European buildings, big elegant squares and charming cafes. In the North you will find Italy’s first capital city, hidden between the Swiss Alps and rolling hills. Nothing short of elegance, Turin is lined with grand cafes fitted with gold interiors, chandeliers and waiters in waist coats serving you pastries. Older woman sipping on morning cocktails, wearing their finest clothes to brunch. Traditional pizzeria’s tucked away in hidden alley ways, where endless neon lights scream ‘bar’ and streets are paved beneath rich architecture. It’s a beautiful step into Italian history. You will find the older generation is the essence of this city. The men in crisp suits and fresh leather shoes, sitting outside a café smoking a cigar. The women, just as grand as the buildings. Graceful, youthful and contemporary. Also, not only famous for its cars this city has conveniently been the chocolate heart of Europe since the 17th century. One of Italy’s most overlook cities, Turin is home to all things chic and historical without the swarm of tourism.


Things to do

Church of Monte dei Cappuccini


Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art


Mole Antonelliana




Attic Hostel – Booked through hostel world- Piazza Pietro Paleocapa 2, 10121 – Torino

Seconds away from Turin’s famous square Piazza S. Carlo and the main shopping street Via Roma. The Attic Hostel is one of the most welcoming hostels I have had the pleasure of staying in. Providing you with maps and city tricks, the people who run this are more than welcoming. Not only beautiful views and easy access to everything, this hostel was very comfortable to stay in. Easy to from the airport and across the street from Turin’s main train station, this hostel is the perfect place to call home for a day or two.



Café San Carlo– The most intimidating café you may ever find yourself in. Making you feel like royalty, the second you walk into the café you are greeted by gilded mirrors and artwork, waiters in waist coats and beautiful decorated pastries lining the window. One of Turin’s most famous and oldest hotspots Café San Carlo has been thriving since 1822, this slice of the past is the epitome of the elegance that Turin is built on.

Café Turino– At 11am I found myself sitting in the galleria sipping on a cocktail, eating a spread of pastries brought in front of me and lost in a game of people watching. Café Turino is where I was, a main attraction in the heart of Piazza S. Carlo. Not only a spot for a morning coffee, the bright neon sign above the shop illuminating Martini turns this café into a cocktail hotspot for both the sophisticated elders and the students within the city.



1. Da Peppino (Via Mercanti, 7, 10122 Torino TO, Italy) – One of the best pizza’s I have EVER eaten. Super cheap, the staff are quick and polite to english speaking tourists. Perfect to sit outside in the small street and dine by yourself.

2. Machere (Via Duchessa Jolanda, 8, 10138 Torino TO, Italy) 

3. Barbaroux Pizza (Via Giuseppe Barbaroux, 11, 10122 Torino TO, Italy) -After walking up and down the same alley, I managed to find this place tucked away. Very nice staff and incredible pizza, also located in a great area with lots of bars surrounding.


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