Rooftop scouting

London, Things to do

Naturally, on one of the gloomiest days of the month we decided to check out some of the rooftops in the city. Rain, hail or shine here you can check out some of London’s best views. Plus, you can conveniently find bars at all these locations.

Roof Garden, Queen Elizabeth Hall

Kind of like following the yellow brick road, only you’re following a yellow staircase up to this hidden gem. 100% one of the best places to soak up the sun in summer and get your hands on a jug of Pimms. Not only great to start a night out, here you can find a quick pit stop for lunch whilst looking over the Thames.


Public Rooftop Terrace One New Change

Perched on top of a shopping center, here you can find the One New Change roof terrace. Open to the public all day, you can drop in and out whenever you like. A private bar and restaurants is also found here if you are up for a meal.





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