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“Luxembourg? Why are you going there?” The initial response I received from 80% of people who asked me where I was going on the weekend. Despite being the most underrated country in Europe, Luxembourg is consistently ranked among the world’s top-three nations in both wealth and wine consumption, which had me sold. After booking the cheapest flights I could find, I found myself in this unappreciated gem. Rich with history, the magic of Luxembourg is found amongst the scenery and charming villages. Getting lost amid the charismatic streets, picturesque views and hidden museums is how I got to know and love this city. A captivating contrast of old and new, Luxembourg is a small but fascinating country to visit.


Things to do

Lëtzebuerg City Museum –Taking you on a journey through the battles, living conditions and growth of the city this museum is the perfect mixture of old and new Luxembourg. Being recently renovated, the incredible interiors and technology used is a true reflection of the up-and-coming city.

MNHA – Musée National d’Histoire et d’Art  Luxembourg

I couldn’t remember the name of this tour however, it can be found on the allee pierre de mansfeld bridge. The price was 10 euro per person and the tour took you around both the new and old parts of the city. Great activity to end the day or if you are tired of walking and want to see all the sights quickly.



Luxembourg City Hostel-

Being quite a big complex, it feels a lot more like a hotel than a hostel. They have a cafeteria, which you can order food or help yourself to a buffet. Also, a bonus is that the wine is super cheap (2.60 euros). The location is very close to the old town and just underneath a beautiful lookout. It’s quite easy to get to and from the hostel, besides the hilly pathway you need to walk up and down. The rooms were very clean and accommodating, I was also lucky enough to have a room with a shower (room A104,for your reference). Good place to rest your head whilst in Luxembourg.


Laudree (7 Rue des Capucins, 2340 Luxembourg) – I ended up here after wandering around aimlessly trying to find somewhere to eat. A bit of a treat yourself spot as it is quite expensive to simply sit inside and have a coffee. However, the French pastries and interior make it worthwhile.

KAALE KAFFI (1247, 9 Rue de la Boucherie, 1247 Luxembourg) – Straight onto my list of favorite places in the world. I didn’t think it was possible to cram so much history and quirky pieces into one space, but I stand corrected. Floor to ceiling this cafe is decorated with funky décor including huge old-fashioned paintings, posters, vases, books and any other antique you can find. You can spend hours curled up in one of the vintage couches buried amongst books on every part of Luxembourg history. Serving up one of the best coffees I have ever had, there is not a single fault about this hidden gem.

Bloom Coffee Shop (101 Rue Adolphe Fischer, 1521 Luxembourg) – Located in quite an odd part of the city, here you will find the up and coming Bloom Coffee Shop. Well known to local bloggers and insta foodies, this minimal café is well known for it’s coffees. Quirky details and delicious homemade granola plates makes it the perfect morning hangout.

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