Gods Own Junkyard- Walthamstow

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Light up your weekend (no pun intended) at the now family run business that was originally born from Chris Bracey’s own personal collection of neon signs. God’s Own Junkyard is a huge warehouse literally stuffed to the brim with every kind of neon creation you can possibly imagine. There are so many amazing signs to look at it’s hard not take pictures of them all and pace around for hours trying to spot every piece. With its neighbours being Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace and the Wild Card Brewery, it’s not a bad place to visit on a weekend. The largest stock of vintage neon lighting and signage in Europe, it’s worth the trip to Walthamstow.



Unit 12, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall St, Walthamstow, London E17 9HQ

Open Friday/Saturday 11am-9pm, Sunday 11am-6pm

The British Museum

London, Things to do

ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BUILDINGS IN THE WORLD! Between the endless rooms showcasing exhibitions, beautiful architecture, and a chaotic amount of people you are bound to wonder around aimlessly lost. Home to one of my favourite exhibitions, The Ancient Egyptian holds one of the largest ancient jewellery collections which can keep me occupied for hours. Coming as no surprise The British Museum is the leading attraction in the UK, mostly due to the incredible Great Court. Europe’s largest covered public square, the Great Court is a spectacular two-acre space enclosed by the famous glass roof. With lots to see and do, this is the ultimate place to spend a gloomy day in London.




Rooftop scouting

London, Things to do

Naturally, on one of the gloomiest days of the month we decided to check out some of the rooftops in the city. Rain, hail or shine here you can check out some of London’s best views. Plus, you can conveniently find bars at all these locations.

Roof Garden, Queen Elizabeth Hall

Kind of like following the yellow brick road, only you’re following a yellow staircase up to this hidden gem. 100% one of the best places to soak up the sun in summer and get your hands on a jug of Pimms. Not only great to start a night out, here you can find a quick pit stop for lunch whilst looking over the Thames.


Public Rooftop Terrace One New Change

Perched on top of a shopping center, here you can find the One New Change roof terrace. Open to the public all day, you can drop in and out whenever you like. A private bar and restaurants is also found here if you are up for a meal.





Love Box Festival 2017

London, Things to do

Love Box, aka Frank Ocean and Solange ft. others. Two of the best performers of our generation playing on the same day, one after the other? Who’s grand idea was that? Aside from the intense stress of trying to stick to a schedule that fits in all your favorite acts, go to the pop up rollerblading disco AND continue to keep a reasonably drunk facade. The 15th birthday of Love Box was a booming success. There were no rules, no recurring trends, it was typical London anything goes dress code. From metalics, flares and eyeboggling 80’s patterns we saw it all. Here are some snaps I managed to get during the day (note, Mimi Lashiry does make an appearance in the below).